GiG 2020 Vendor Booth


GiG 2020 Vendor Booth

from 50.00

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Goddess in the Garden - is a weekend set aside to share meaningful items of beauty, healing, strength and personal enjoyment. It is an opportunity to be experienced as a presence in our community and offers specially selected services and organic health-filled and handcrafted items designed to enhance the experience of life, and the quest for increased balance and consciousness in all areas of our ‘earth walk’.

$100 Information Booth Only

$100 Service Provider Booth

$200 Handcrafted Vendor Booth

$250 Commercial Vendor Booth

$50 Non-Profit Vendor Booth (must provide TIN status letter)

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TR1BE global (One Tribe Global) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your fees could be tax deductible.