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We would invite you to explore what is meant by the name and the mission statement of this organization by recognizing those things, we, as human beings have in common. A desire for: love, appreciation and understanding, an opportunity to celebrate our gifts and abilities, to share our insights and experiences in a loving, supportive way and to expand our knowledge by exchanging information, wisdom and expertise in a wide variety of subjects intended to empower the individual to choose a more creative and enjoyable life experience.

Conscious community begins with the recognition that we, as unique individuals, each have something invaluable to contribute to our family, our community and by extension, the world. By bringing our attention to positive ways of increasing understanding and connection, we encourage the idea to "think globally, act locally", which is why we sponsor scholarships, classes, workshops and other events in our area while holding the vision of a more far reaching impact. We welcome your membership and participation in planning our events, classes and workshops!



Your donation allows us to connect people, offer scholarships, and create partnerships around the world. Choose from several wonderful ‘Thank You’ gifts.


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