Our Vendors for 2019

The Ganesh EMporium

The Ganesh Booth, sponsored by One Tribe Global, features recycled festival clothing including Bohemian, Goddess, Gypsy, and Tribal. Come on in and set the mood for your day -- you'll enter a portal of colorful cotton to silk magnificence! You can choose from our (affordable) magical collection of recycled festival clothing: dresses, scarves, wraps, blouses, pants, jewelry, and accessories! You'll be transformed into a 'Goddess for a Day'!

Akashic Fresno by Baltazar

A new addition to Goddess in the Garden this year is Akashic Fresno by Baltazar. In addition to Akashic readings and tuning forks to balance chakras, he will also have quartz crystals and stones like amethyst, azurite, and black tourmaline used for house protection. Welcome, Baltazar!


Anahata is back! Goddess in the Garden applauds the return of Amanda and her free trade products from her store Anahata. It's a wonderful experience to check out her baskets from Africa, tapestries, woven sun hats, dresses and more!

Anna's Place

Anna Ganz of Anna's Place is back with Goddess in the Garden! Take a few minutes out of your day to experience Anna's Pranic healing and energy work. She'll also have her Angel cards with her for a reading. If you've been to her before, you know how good she is. Be sure to take some time for yourself and visit Anna's booth!

Artistic Treasures

Welcome back to Goddess in the Garden, Leanne Saldana of Artistic Treasures & Custom Beaded Hats! In addition to her sage wands, incense, carved boxes, tapestries, and windchimes, Leanne Snow Bear has created custom native beaded and steampunk hats. We're all in for a treat at Artistic Treasures booth! Reach her at leannesaldana@yahoo.com

Astrology Soup

Goddess in the Garden is happy to welcome back Kim Haley, astrologer! Astrology Soup is her creation, encompassing a 30-year practice. An astrology chart is your personal cosmic soup recipe. Kim blends the science and mathematics of your fascinating star chart with interpretive artistry. She'll share these insights to benefit you in self discovery, personal creativity, relationships, career, money matters, and more. Find the sweet and savory that is your unique expression with a 15-minute mini-reading. Contact her at khmarvelous@gmail.com.


At Goddess in the Garden this year, Carrie Jenkins of Photos By Carrie is hosting an information booth to enlighten all of us about BeadForLife. This is an organization that employs women in Africa to create beaded jewelry, and the beads are made from paper! We hope you'll have the opportunity to chat with Carrie to learn how this organization has helped to benefit women.

Blew Vibrations

Welcome to Lauri Blew of Blew Vibrations who will provide Goddess in the Garden with a full sound immersion experience. Experience first hand her sound therapy, sound healing, and sound meditation offerings. We're excited for Blew Vibrations!

Bodhi Martina

One Tribe Global is happy to announce the addition of Bodhi Martina, an artist known for her exquisite free flowing beadwork that adorns found objects from all over Baja California. She also uses semi-precous stones, crystals, and pearls for their own special energy. You'll find many items that to help unfold one's own spiritual journey. We are so pleased to have you with us, Bodhi Martina!

Butterfly Echo

One Tribe Global/Goddess in the Garden is thrilled that Butterfly Echo is returning. A true recycle artist, Stephanie Sullivan creates and paints realistic butterflies from plastic bottles. You'll find them as earrings, hair ornaments, on rock sculptures, and more. You'll also find her butterflies in many natural museums across the U.S. We're grateful to have you back, Stephanie with Butterfly Echo!

Crystal & Hide

Goddess in the Garden is pleased to announce that Crystal & Hide of Fresno will join us. Their booth highlights beautiful leather goods, vintage items, soaps, beauty oils -- and more. Welcome to Goddess in the Garden, Crystal & Hide!

Designs By Camille

Welcome to Camille Cole of Designs By Camille located in Fresno. You will find one-of-a-kind hand-forged jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Absolutely beautiful ... you'll have to take our word for it at this point, but wait until you see them for yourself!

Doreen Adams

One Tribe Global is excited to announce that at Goddess in the Garden this year Doreen Adams of Star Center will be available for palm, psychic, and tarot card readings. Bring a question or simply listen to the information and wisdom that Doreen provides. We are happy to have you!

Ec*lec*tic Vintage Home & Garden Gifts of Oakhurst

Goddess in the Garden is happy to welcome Lori Silverman of Ec*lec*tic Vintage Home & Garden Gifts of Oakhurst. Lori displays vintage wear, jewelry, teacups, handkerchiefs, and she'll also have dyed ribbons available. Welcome to Lori Silverman!


One Tribe Global is happy to announce that Marie-Pierre Sabga of eMPierre9 will join us for the first time! From Southern California, Marie brings corsets, tattered skirts, beautiful laced wrist cuffs, and other uniquely designed and created items for both men and women. You'll be happy you explored Marie-Pierre's booth and her beautifully unique and individually crafted items!

From My Garden Lavender Products

Goddess in the Garden is happy to announce the return of From My Garden Lavender Products with Sandy Schaefer. (She will be sharing her booth with Lori Silverman of Ec*lec*tic Vintage Home & Garden Gifts of Oakhurst). Sandy uses locally grown lavender for her sachets, bouquets, lavender essential oils in lotions, body and linen mists, face and body scrubs, packaged teas, chocolates, cookies. Welcome back Sandy!

Gypsy Skin

Gypsy Skin of San Mateo is a new addition to our Goddess in the Garden event this year. Check out and peruse her new, recycled, and hand made clothing, jewelry, and accessories. You'll find the unexpected and the unique in this upbeat gypsy-vibe area. Erika has assisted One Tribe Global's booth in the past, but this time she comes with her own special wares with Gypsy Skin. Welcome back, Erika!

** WINNER of BEST AVATAR ** Congratulations **

Heav's Henna

Goddess in the Garden is thrilled to introduce Heav's Henna to our guests this year! We've seen her work and it's fantastic. Heav uses her own homemade organic henna paste to create her lovely and intricate designs. Be sure to drop by her booth for an artistic experience! Welcome, Heav Ornelas of Heav's Henna!

Here and There

Goddess in the Garden welcomes Here and There, new vendors direct from Ireland. Meet Bill and Sheila at their booth that features unique and one of a kind jewelry, photography, and art pieces. We are happy to have you join us from across the pond! Contact them at irelandtousa@gmail.com or artmagicparty@gmail.com

House Kitty Photo Booth

For the children attending Goddess in the Garden (or those of us who still think we're children), we are happy to announce that Kimberly Vaughan will be manning the House Kitty Photo Booth. Choose between various styles of border art. You'll find this booth at the main building -- don't let it pass you by!


Indigenous American Art with Timoteo Ikoshy Montoya is a return vendor specializing in airbrush art prints, apparel, and Native American silver jewelry. Come see for yourself why he was one of our most popular vendors last time. Timoteo’s art, jewelry, and tools are exquisite!

Inspired Gemstones

One Tribe Global welcomes back to Goddess in the Garden the booth Inspired Gemstones with Pam Toney! Her unique and beautiful jewelry creations incorporate high grade stones and sterling silver -- and she's very knowledgeable about her stones. You're in for a treat when you visit Pam's booth! Contact Pam at starpine742@yahoo.com

JamiE Owlhawk creations

Goddess in the Garden is pleased that Sonja Jamison of Jamie Owlhawk Creations returns with her handcrafted medicine tools, creative altar pieces, and personal artifacts to enhance your spiritual experience. We're grateful to have you back with us! Contact Sonja at jamieowlhawkcreations@yahoo.com

Jewelry by Robyn

We are proud to announce another new artist at Goddess in the Garden: Jewelry by Robyn, based in Coarsegold. Linger over her pendulums, prayer ladders, sun catchers, sterling silver jewelry, ankle bracelets, and intricately wire wrapped stones. Thank you, Robyn, for joining us this year!

LaGuire Art

Goddess in the Garden has a live artist -- Lauren Laguire of LaGuire Art -- who will create a painting of this year's event as it unfolds. Be sure to stop by and watch for a bit. Lauren will also have a booth where she has art prints, canvas originals, plus t-shirts and stickers with her own art on them. Also, check out the crystals: amethyst geodes, citrine geodes, smoky quartz, and clear quartz. Thank you, Lauren!

Luna Art

Goddess in the Garden welcomes first time vendor Luna Art from Sacramento to our event! You'll enjoy Luna Juarez's booth that includes hand-decorated bottles, intricate beaded jewelry, leather bags, stones and crystals, and more essentials like resins and sage wands. We're happy to have you join us! Contact them at alejandraluna916@yahoo.com

Miki Makes

Goddess in the Garden is excited to introduce Miki Makes of Midpines and her creative 'expressive body wear' that can be adorned in a variety of ways. Yarns and fabrics are woven into strands that can be attached to hair ties, clips, headbands, belts and more. She will also provide M's Medicinal organic products, made with love: Bod Butter, Canna Salve, Canna Cream, and Chia Tea. Welcome Miki! Contact Miki at mikilee@mail.com

Mindful Gifts & Novelties by Lisa Rhoan

Goddess in the Garden welcomes a new vendor, Mindful Gifts & Novelties by Lisa Rhoan. Steampunk and masquerade items including masks, headwear, unique jewelry, 3D tapestries, hair feather extensions, crystals and more will definitely amp up your own personal style. All handcrafted, you will enjoy a stroll through her booth! We are happy to have you, Lisa. Contact Lisa at lisarhoan@gmail.com

Nature's Pendants by Cia

Goddess in the Garden is pleased to welcome once again Cynthia Muniz of Nature's Pendants by Cia. Discover for yourself the beauty and uniqueness of the crystals, rocks, stones, and minerals that are artistically wrapped into pendants, rings, and more.

NadiMa Bellydancer

As one of our entertainers, Goddess in the Garden welcomes Nadima Bellydancer who will perform at  various times throughout the event. Nadima is a delightful bundle of energy and we're honored to have her grace our stage.

Rebecca POttenger, MA, MFT

Welcome to Rebecca Pottenger, MA, MFT, who is providing services for Goddess in the Garden for the first time. From North Fork, you'll find her in our service booth area as she provides Reiki, an art she has practiced for 30 years. She is also a tarot reader providing insight and self-understanding. We're looking forward to sharing Rebecca's skills.

Red Tent Fresno

Goddess in the Garden is delighted to have Deri Lasher and Dawn Everhart of  Red Tent Fresno join us. The Red Tent (or Moon Lodge) is simply a gathering of women that occurs, with this particular group, at the new moon when girls and women are most in need of support, rest, and reflection. This is a timeless tradition observed by ancient cultures which serves as a regular forum for empowering women’s sense of selfhood. This tent provides the Goddess Lounge (free), a place to rest and relax. Thank you, Dawn and Deri!

SigNATURE Creations

One Tribe Global and Goddess in the Garden are happy to announce that SigNATURE Creations with Wonda Correia is joining us! Learn about Earthing and obtain Sacred Art class information. Welcome, Wonda!

Sonic Shamanic

One Tribe Global, the creator of Goddess in the Garden, is happy to introduce you to Deri Lasher of Sonic Shamanic in Clovis. She offers sound baths using bowls and other instruments -- come feel the peace and grounding. Deri also leads the Red Tent Fresno group. Thank you for being with us, Deri!

Sacred Womb Temple Healing

This year Goddess in the Garden is excited that Toni Barca of Sacred Womb Temple Healing will do tarot readings. Be sure to sign up for a time slot. Thank you for joining us, Toni!


Goddess in the Garden welcomes new vendor Sylvanwoods. Meet Sylvia Cochrane as she displays her handmade goods: fairy wings, dragon wings, and garlands. Perfect festival attire! We're happy to have you, Sylvia! Contact Sylvia by email at survivorwings@gmail.com.

** WINNER of BEST REALM ** Congratulations **

The Drone Gal

Goddess in the Garden welcomes new vendor Lei Scheidell with The Drone Gal. As a certified drone pilot, she will be capturing the joy and fun of the event. She offers her drone and video services as promotional tools to businesses. Speak to her about unique footage for events, real estate and website marketing.


Goddess in the Garden is excited to announce that Voyager of San Francisco will be a new addition. At Voyager’s booth you will have the opportunity to explore beautiful leather bags, wallets, and even jewelry made by YoungMo Hong. We are pleased to have Voyager's hand crafted items at our event. Welcome YoungMo!

Women's Drum Circle

Goddess in the Garden is happy to welcome Dawn Everhart of the Women's Drum Circle. Dawn provides information about drumming in general, women's circles, and drum making. Thank you Dawn!

Yosemite Western Artists

Goddess in the Garden is happy that Yosemite Western Artists will be on site to share information about their upcoming Interpreting Yosemite Artist Retreat & Creative Event to be held locally September 2019. Have an interest in art? Learn about this 5-day workshop!