Conscious Community

by Virginia Eaton

You know that feeling when you’re with those friends who are your tribe? The laughter flows and conversation is in shorthand because of the breadth of your shared experiences. Most people have had this experience at some point: sometimes it’s family, sometimes it’s co-workers, but often it is a random collection of people with whom your soul jives. This bond between friends feeds our need for connection and belonging, offers comfort and creates a feeling of invincibility – there is comfort in knowing that no matter what comes your way, your people have your back.  Chick flicks like Book Club, Me Before You, and 50-First Dates all have this tribal quality, and sense of connection that is one reason this story genre tends to draw viewers.

When you take that strong connection among a group of people then elevate it, you give it a focus that embodies the sentiment “Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” You’ve then created a potentially magical experience - a Conscious Community.  A conscious community has a little more structure than a tight group of friends and has an explicit raison d’etre. There are often spoken and unspoken expectations that maintain the community’s integrity. Regardless of the purpose, the community as a whole will always be operating from a heart-centered place. Sometimes the rules are around the food that is eaten, or the type of clothes worn. Sometimes it’s just an agreement that when we are together the cell phones go away, we don’t waste time on gossip, and every member actively supports what is best for the other.

The beauty of being part of a true Conscious Community is that it raises the bar for how you move through the world. It embodies the Eleanor Roosevelt quote, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” When traveling, dining or socializing members operating on this principle pull random people into their orbit in a “I’ll have what she’s having” sort of way. I’ve been to countless restaurants, high end as well as casual, and as the conversation develops with excitement and enthusiasm, I’ve seen people leaning in as they tried to figure out what the hullabaloo was about. On more than one occasion, people stopped by the table not really sure why, they only knew they felt a pull, a desire for connection. That’s when you know the group is on the right track- that elevated vibe attracts those looking for something more.

Relating from the heart center does not preclude disagreements, however. A mature conscious community understands that disagreements between members or from external sources are natural and necessary to refine the community’s identity and, when guided correctly, allow each member to contribute to clarifying the group’s uniqueness, increase ownership, and solidify purpose. When a community is operating well, the group reminds individuals that having our buttons pushed offers a growth opportunity. It is a chance to understand lifetime patterns that keep us operating in reaction mode rather than proactive mode and support moving through to a higher plane.

You know you are part of a conscious community when:

  • Cell phones and other technology play a very small part in how you relate to each other.

  • There is a need among the members to make the world a better place.

  • When you gather, the talk is about ideas of creation not destruction.

  • In every experience there is the attempt to find the joy that exists next to the sadness, and to see lessons or opportunities for growth even when it feels like the world is tumbling to ruins.

  • Gatherings often include creative expressions—cooking, art, music, etc.

  • The experiences the group chooses require mindfulness and a fully present state of mind rather than being distracted by what to make for dinner or, “Did the DVR record my show?”

  • The group has a holistic approach to health: the food that is eaten, the water that is consumed and the role electronic media plays in our life.

  • Their approach to wellness vs illness is expanded to understand that there are many ways to address the state of body, mind and spirit, and standard medical care, while appropriate in some situations, is not a panacea.

If you are looking for a conscious community look around, one exists. We often are not aware of these things until we become ready to be involved.  One Tribe Global is a conscious community that is connecting conscious people and ideas and opportunities to enhance the mountain community and far beyond. Come join us!

Concious Community